Top Three Best Programmable Crockpots

Top 3 Best Programmable Crockpots

With the average family consumed with kid’s sports and parent workloads, the need for slow cookers seems to be a must to aid the busy family lifestyles in today’s world. With these programmable slow cookers, you can actually place an entire meal within it and walk away, then return at meal time to have it fully cooked and ready to eat. They are best used to simmer at low temperatures for extended periods to cook the likes of soups, tough cuts of meat and stews (See the 5 Best Crockpot recipes).

They usually run the price range of forty to two hundred dollars, but for some, the benefits for a home cooked meal out way the cost.

Cuisinart 3 in 1 Multi-Cooker

This slow cooker is absolutely, hands down, one of the best slow cookers on the market today. Thousands of happy families who rave about the multi-functional capabilities of the Cuisinart multi-cooker could not be more right. The ability to steam, sauté and brown meats and vegetables with a programmable twenty-four hour cook time and the hold warm setting is optimal with the busy schedules of today’s families. It is moderately priced around one-hundred and eighty dollars for the seven-quart model.

Crockpot Programmable Touch Screen

This Crockpot has a touch screen programmable interface on a sleek stainless steel exterior. The black stoneware insert and glass lid are both dishwasher safe and the ability to slow cook, steam and large capacity at six and a half quarts allows one to feed over six ravishingly hungry people. It has a twenty hour programmable cook time and offers the best combination of features, performance and value in its price point at approximately sixty dollars.

Hamilton Beach Set it and forget it Six-Quart Slow Cooker

This slow cooker with its intuitive, easy to use, programmable interface and numerous features at an extremely affordable cost is definitely a top contender. At a mere fifty dollars you get extra features, you won’t find on other slow cookers, and you get a serving spoon and a thermometer as well. This Hamilton Beach slow cooker has a locking lid and a ceramic insert that are dishwasher safe. This lower cost, high functioning option is definitely one of the best programmable crockpots around.

If you have a really busy lifestyle or simply want the ease of use slow cookers have to offer, then shop around for the best programmable crockpots on the market today, or take a look at those mentioned above on this blog post.

Look for what special features they offer, what size you need to feed your hungry family and the price that fits your budget and get slow cooking some of the most delicious recipes designed for these slow cookers.