Rival Slow Cooker Review (2 Quart)

There are times when you will require a smaller crock-pot especially when you are only cooking for a smaller set of audience.  Using a larger crock-pot can be much of a hassle sometimes, and Rival Slow Cooker can provide a solution to this.  Sometimes, you just don’t need a large, expensive crock pot or slow cooker to get the job done.  That’s where the Rival Slow Cookers comes into play…

Rival Slow Cooker Review (2 Quart) –Features

The design of the Rival cooker is pretty basic; it has an on-off and a low-high switches.  The outside layer also looks a bit on the average.  Some people look at this as a very desirable feature since they do not want their cooker to be complex.  It will be easier for you to operate your crock-pot.  Here are the other noticeable features of the slow cooker.

When it comes to cooking, this crock-pot definitely does the job. You may experience some problem when it comes to cooking recipes that tend to stick on the side of the pot.  Even in the event that you set the heat low, there is still a tendency that they might create a mess.  But if you occasionally stir on your cooking, you will not have any problem dealing with the slow Cooker.

  • Time Needed to Heat the Crockpot-It will not take a long time to fully heat the slow cooker. Considering the size of this crock-pot, it will only take a matter of few seconds before you will start cooking.  One amazing thing about this cooker is that the amount of heat is evenly distributed.  It is super ideal for people with a busy lifestyle.  They will have a hot meal in an instant.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance-Other cookers might come as a hassle when it is time for you to clean the mess but not the slow crock pot. The stain on the side of the crock-pot will easily come off the moment you start washing them.  This isn’t safe to place on your dishwasher; you need to hand wash them, but don’t worry since the coating helps a lot in preventing the dried, cooked food from sticking.
  • Design-though the design is pretty basic, most people look at this as an advantage since it doesn’t complicate the utilization of the cooker. Furthermore, the size of this crockpot lets you store it anywhere you like it.
  • Durability-it is manufactured from high-quality materials. The coating does not easily come off even after one year of use.  The crock-pot is a solid cookware.

Final Analysis:

All in all, the slow cooker is a nice addition to your kitchen. The price of the crock-pot is reasonable, so there is no reason on why you will be scared to invest in a smaller cooker.  With its outstanding cooking performance, the Rival Slow Cooker is definitely something that we recommend.

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