Large Crockpots vs. Small Crockpots: The Pros and Cons – Things to Consider

Now, it’s important to point out that a slow cooker is commonly referred to as crockpot. There are quite a few different sizes, but the large one is usually around 6.5L while the smaller one is about 3.5L. This is the dimension of the cooking container. When you weigh in the advantages and the disadvantages of both sizes, you would be perfectly able to make an informed choice about which one to pick. There is a significant difference, and you would have to perfectly identify your particular cooking needs and requirements prior to making a purchase of the kind. (The Top 3 Programmable slow cookers.)

Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the specifications.

Large Crockpots vs. Small Crockpots: The Pros and Cons – 6.5L Solution

When it comes to the larger slow cooker, you have to understand a few things. First, in the cons section, we would have to put in the fact that it’s definitely more expensive. The reasons are rather obvious. Furthermore, it’s specifically designated for larger portions and therefore the cooking container takes a significant amount of space on your counter top. This also means that you would have to prepare a larger storage space if you won’t be keeping it permanently on the counter top itself.

However, the undeniable advantage is that it can cook a significant amount of food. (5 Best Easy Crockpot recipes.)

If you have more than 3 people in the home, including your kids, you should most certainly consider purchasing this unit. You can get food prepared quickly and for up to 10 people with the 6.5L large crockpot, which is very convenient.

Large Crockpots vs. Small Crockpots: The Pros and Cons – 3.5L Solution

The smaller unit is also incredibly convenient. In the pros section, we would most certainly have to put the expedience with which it’s going to prepare the meals as well as the cost-effective solution that it is. You will save time, and you can easily undertake other cooking tasks in the meantime. A 3.5L crockpot doesn’t take as much space as the larger one, and you could easily keep it on your counter top at all times.

On the off-side, however, we have the fact that you wouldn’t be able to prepare meals for more than 2 adults and maybe 2 children. Therefore, if you have guests coming you wouldn’t be able to conveniently prepare the necessary amount of food in one go. You would either have to cook manually, or you would have to load it up twice which is a bit time consuming.

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