The Hamilton Beach Set it and Forget it Slow Cooker Review

This state of the art programmable slow cooker is amazing and provides the busy family the ability to run all day, but have a home cooked meal in the evening. The newer technology of these appliances goes beyond their slow cooking ancestors of days gone by. They offer sleeker exteriors, programmable interfaces and even thermometers that can be left inserted during cooking and actually triggers the slow cooker to automatically shift to warm when the cut of meat is at desired temperature.

Features of the Hamilton Beach “Set it and Forget it” Crockpot

The Hamilton Beach Set it & Forget it Slow Cooker models come with three options for slow cooking which are programmable, manual and probe. The probe feature offers automatic switch to warm mode when the cut of meat reaches temperature, and the actual temperature can be read on the digital read out on the front of the slow cooker.

The travel-friendly locking lid offers a complete seal for safe, spill-proof travel to family gatherings and parties. The stoneware removable insert with even temperature wrap around slow cooking gives all meals even and consistent cooking temperatures. The insert is microwave and oven safe and the insert and lid both are dishwasher safe.

The sleek stainless steel exterior with fully insulated grip handles for safe and easy carrying and mobility. It is backed by a one year guarantee and has power interrupt protection, so the slow cooker continues to work during brief power outages.

Bottom Line

The six quart Hamilton Beach Set it & Forget it Slow Cooker is hands down one of the best slow cookers on the market today. It gives the user larger capacities for cooking large cuts of meat evenly and consistently with the automatic switch to warm when it reaches temperature. Easy to read digital display, and it is user-friendly in its programming and manual capabilities. The programming settings allow users to set the temperature along with the time of cooking and an alarm with go off at the end of the program to alert when your meal is done. This model has low moisture evaporation to leave meats moist and provide the best in taste.

To sum up, this Hamilton Beach slow cooker offers a one year guarantee and the best programmable interface in the slow cooker category. Its smart features of automatic temperature shifting and shut offs with an alarm alert makes slow cooking even easier. The combination of convenience, performance and versatility makes this line of slow cookers the best in its class.

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