A love of cooking. A zest for the kitchen. A need for home-cooked, family meals that bring everyone together around the dinner table at least once per day.

Sounds like a traditional family dinner scenario, right? Mom cooking, dad making money, and the kids waiting to be called down from their homework for dinner.

The problem was that we just didn’t have the time to cook a meal every day for our family. If we did get off of work a little early then we just didn’t have the energy to cook. As a result, we could feel that our family was becoming disjointed…flowing apart.

So, we bought a crockpot. LOL!

It may seem like BS, but in our eyes, our crockpot saved our kids from being TV dinner kids and ensured at least once per day the whole family was around the dinner table where we could talk and interact.

The great thing about crockpots is that we prepare dinners in by tossing the ingredients in during our morning routine (usually about 20 minutes at max), programs the crockpot for the appropriate temp and time and when we come, all we have to do is serve.

We love crockpots and cooking. Most importantly, though, we love our family. We hope that you will find what you need in these cooking aids the same way we did.

And also find the information and reviews shared here on Crockaware to be insightful and helpful.

The Crockaware Team.